Quanto Basta Neapolitan Cookbook

Traditional Neapolitan Cuisine from il Faro Church

Traditional Neapolitan Cuisine from il Faro Church

Il Faro Cookbook Initiative

A Reuters.com reporter writes, “Once a holiday dream for middle-class Italians, Castel Volturno is now a dilapidated seaside nightmare where Nigerians open their homes to migrants wanting cold beer and quick sex.”

Castel Volturno is known as an area that has been abandoned by the authorities. Human trafficking is prevalent. And a recent national TV reportage shed light on the problem of 15,000 undocumented immigrants living nearby.”

These are our neighbors and il Faro IBC is making disciples among these neighbors. They are not just local Neapolitan and transient U.S. military communities but marginalized and mistreated neighbors from many nationalities, abandoned by the authorities. There is much to do! The il Faro cookbook is raising awareness and the resources to help us help them. Your donation is vital!

To help move this initiative forward with a donation, simply write “Il Faro cookbook’ in the account number area when you give through IBCM. Complete giving instructions are found on our “giving” page (http://ilfaro-napoli.org/en/giving). Thank you!

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