Maturity is one of five ministries of Il Faro IBC. It seeks to pursue an active and effective mission of Il Faro, “Developing disciples united and mature to reach the area Flegrea and the world for Christ.” In a particular way, the ministry Maturity has the following objectives:

Biblical knowledge – provide biblical knowledge, at all levels of the Church (children, adolescents, and young adults), to enable one to meditate on the Bible with accuracy and consistency.
Biblical character – stimulate the Church at all levels (children, adolescents, and young adults), to apply what they have learned from the Scriptures to their daily lives, so to bring your character to that of Jesus Christ.
Communion Bible – make aware of the importance of the Church lovingly managing their relationships with others, both within the Church and within the wider community of which it is part.
Biblical competence – prepare mature people who are able to teach in a systematic way what emerges from the study of the Scriptures, being also able to deal with others on issues of faith (teaching, apologetics and polemics).

Involvement in the Ministry
The ministry Maturity offers the following service opportunities:

Sunday School teachers, monitors, and collaborators.
Youth Group teachers, monitors, and collaborators.
the Adult Sunday School is looking for teachers.
For those who want to collaborate with the Ministry Maturity please contact the Coordinator of the Ministry:

Danilo Bozza
Mobile – 346/2625811
E-mail –┬á

Chip Noonan
Mobile – 331/7381969
E-mail –

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